No tricks, no combos. Xbox Scarlett with hardware accelerated ray tracing

by Kelvin
DirectX Raytracing

Ray tracking is the future of 3D graphics generation. Unfortunately, this mechanism requires enormous computing . Fortunately, the Xbox Scarlett will not, as previously suspected, use software tricks.

Ray tracing is considered the definitive method of generating the virtual world. Simulating a virtual scene based on the simulation of individual light rays is to provide us with the ability to easily generate almost photorealistic graphics in the future. Easy for game developers, because ray tracing is a mechanism that requires enormous computing .


Even the most ful graphics cards available on the market, including GeForce RTX, choke and choke when trying to generate such a scene. The above-mentioned Nvidia cards contain dedicated cores for calculations related to ray tracing, and this method is only applied to some elements in virtual game worlds. Forcing these cards to tremendous effort.

Scene rendered by the SEED engine using DirectX Raytracing

Therefore, as soon as we learned that the new consoles – Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 – are supposed to offer ray tracing, we were very skeptical. The components for both consoles are designed together with AMD, and this is not yet offered in the graphics system optimized for ray-tracing. In addition, RTX systems from a competitor are currently cosmically expensive, and gaming consoles are by definition affordable.

Meanwhile, the creators of Gears of War confirm: Xbox Scarlett will hardware accelerate ray tracing.

-We have nothing to announce regarding Gear on new equipment. However, I am extremely excited about the potential of the new equipment. Dedicated cores for ray tracing is a huge thing – says Colin Penty from Microsoft's Coalition studio, which has just released the sensational Gears 5. I am not sure if Microsoft is satisfied with Mr. Penty's honesty, but it is difficult to find a more reliable source of this information than directly reporting for the Xbox manufacturer, a video game studio.

No tricks, no combos. Xbox Scarlett with hardware accelerated ray tracing 2

In fact, it's a great thing. And probably competing PlayStation 5 will also have such cores – Sony and Microsoft use the same technical partner as AMD. So far, it has been speculated that alleged ray-tracing in consoles will be implemented programmatically and to a minimal extent. Confirming the availability of appropriate computing cores raises more questions than answers.

What will the computing of these systems actually be and what will they actually provide? What method? At what accuracy and resolution will the games be rendered then? And how much the successors of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are supposed to cost (their names are temporary, although PlayStation 5 will probably also be a trade name). Intriguing and exciting. Although, for now, this information is also extremely frustrating due to the lack of answers to the above questions. We are waiting for further announcements in this matter – or even the more credible rumors.

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