Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020

by Kelvin
Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020

Nokia was once the largest player on the market. Today, of course, the situation has changed a lot. The phone was developed by HDM Global China, while Nokia only has the name and development team that makes up the majority of the HMD. Previously, Nokia released "bananaphone", the updated Nokia 8110 with 4G support for Kai OS. Smartphones have become something of a return to the past. The company is trying to attract the attention of former Finnish device enthusiasts. Nostalgia is important, and Nokia is well aware that good sales can be made for this. And that is why in the future the company may present the updated Nokia N9 2020 5G. The telephone representation fell into our hands, which we were ready to share. Incidentally, this year Nokia will present a folding smartphone.


Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020

As you already understand, the updated version of the Nokia N9 will be called Nokia N9 2020. If you evaluate the representation of the device, you will see the existence of two cameras (in the original N9 there is only one). You can also see the Always on screen screen. This involves the use of OLED displays on the device.

According to sources at phone.cnmo, designer Antoni Andreas participated in the design of the device.

Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020 1

Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020 2

I really like the new N9 2020. The original device appeared on the market in 2011 and runs on the MeeGo operating system, equipped with a 3.9 inch diagonal AMOLED screen and 480 × 854 resolution, TI OMAP single core processor frequently 1 GHz clock, 1 GB operational and 16 or 64 GB internal memory, 8 megapixel camera and 1450 mAh battery. For its time, it was a very elegant and unusual gadget. He offers an original operating system. Below is an overview of the videos on the device:

Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020 3

Thanks to its appearance and operating system, this phone attracts attention even in the context of Android's competitors.

It would be better if the upgraded N9 received a new generation of motion control operating system and a new interface element structure. Of course, the company won't surprise us with this and will introduce phones on pure Android, but I still expect more than just a cell phone that looks like the N9.

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Nokia is preparing for the updated N9 2020 5 "width =" 600 "height =" 375 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-215629

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The original N9 has a fairly thick case. 12.1 mm. In terms of updates, we are dealing with a very subtle solution. N9 uses an unusual unibody case at the moment, in an updated N9, of course, this feature remains, but today it does not produce such a "wow" effect.

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It's great that the lower and upper N9 are level and allow you to place the device on a level surface. Overall, the N9 2020 is a fairly logical continuation, which looks elegant and at the same time is similar to the original model.

I want to know what our readers think of this. Do you think this device looks good? Share your opinions in the comments and don't forget our chat on Telegram.

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