Not everything depends on speed: there is jitter that affects your connection

by Kelvin
джиттер существует и, таким образом, влияет на ваше соединение

delay what we have with fiber optics has the advantage that very low and stable … In the areas of the peninsula farthest from Madrid, we have even less than 20ms latency, while in the Madrid community itself, the latency is usually set to the minimum allowed GPON technology … With XGS-PON, latency is further reduced to 1ms or even 0ms depending on where the server under test is located.

Jitter: is your latency stable?

However, there are several factors that can affect latency stability. As a rule, it is difficult for the operator to encounter any technical problems, since fiber optic connections very stable. However, many problems can arise indoors.

For example, if we have 100 Mbit / s fiber optic and there are several of us at home, it will not be difficult for someone infiltrate the bond if they are downloading a file or watching multiple people of Netflix at the same time. In such situations, even if we have a good quality of service that prioritizes the gaming connection, we will have some instability in the signal.



These instability problems can be even greater if we use a Wi-Fi connection … If we are far from the router, or if we have multiple people using the router over Wi-Fi, a queue starts to form and the data that reaches our computer or console can take a few milliseconds and make the connection unstable.

These unstable waiting times are known as trembling … Jitter is jitter, measured in milliseconds, that measures the change in latency between packets we receive. If the network becomes congested, latency increases, and hence jitter.

Packages may even be lost, for example by generating dash and teleportation v Online Games momentarily losing the package that determines the position of the person, and then suddenly returning it. Consequently, the character in the game can move back and forth very quickly, losing the correct order of packets and is forced to compensate and correct this loss.

How to improve jitter

While jitter is usually more noticeable in situations like online gaming, which are very sensitive to latency and jitter, we can also notice problems with voice traffic in apps like Discord. The closer it is to zero, the better. If we have zero jitter, this means that our connection is completely stable, and we do not suffer from a single packet loss, and that everything is arriving in order.

Not everything depends on speed: there is jitter that affects your connection 2

In games like CS: GO it It is okay if there is some instability in the fiber connections, but it is almost always 0.4ms or less. In the following image, we can see jitter in the area labeled “var”, which indicates variation.

Therefore, to reduce jitter, it is important to have a good MU-MIMO router with independent channels if we are playing over WiFi, or alternatively use an Ethernet cable to ensure better stability. If there are many people using the Internet at home, you may need to hire a fiber optic network with a higher speed.