Note10 + has already started knocking down competition! This time is the speed of loading

by Kelvin
Samsung Note10 carregamento Galaxy bateria

Samsung set new industry standards when it launched the new Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +. All the news came into question the remaining smartphones market, largely because of the specifications and its performance.

Now that this smartphone is coming into the hands of the press, it's time for the first opinions and the first comparatives to come. The most recent came to evaluate the capacity and speed of loading. As expected, overall, the Note10 + beat all the competition.


Samsung Note10 Charging Galaxy drums

The time it takes for a smartphone to charge depends on many factors. In addition to the battery itself, the charger itself has a weight in this equation. For users, the minimum amount of time spent is desired, something that does not always happen.

Note10 + battery beats the competition

The Note10 + came with one of the largest batteries in the smartphones from the market. This should be a factor that would slow you down in this process, but apparently not. When compared to the competition managed to beat all the remaining smartphones.

By comparison were, in addition to the Note10 +, the OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy Note9 and the iPhone XS Max. All used original chargers, which were expected to be the fastest and most capable of accomplishing this task. The truth is not quite so and can be seen in the video below, Gadgets Portal channel.

What is seen is that the Note10 + does not immediately take the lead. At 10 minutes OnePlus was already 24% charged, compared to 20% Samsung Note10 + and 11% Note9 and iPhone. At 20 minutes we have a smaller difference, with 44% for OnePlus and 42% for Note10 +.

Samsung dominates almost from the beginning of the charge

Later in the test, at 30 minutes, Note10 + takes the lead with 63%, against 60% for OnePlus. Far further are the remaining models, with just over 30%. It is at 45 minutes that the jump is taken. Note10 + already has 85% and OnePlus 7 Pro reaches 81%. Again the remaining models are far away, with values ​​close to 50%.

The end of charging is almost reached within one hour. Here we have Note10 + leading with 95% battery, OnePlus 7 Pro second with 92% and Note9 tied with iPhone XS Max with 67%.

Samsung Note10 Charging Galaxy drums

The end result is later, with 100% arriving with time differences. In the case of Note10 + we have a charge time of 1 hour and 5 minutes. In OnePlus 7 Pro this value is reached in 1 hour 25 minutes. In case of Galaxy Note9 we have a charge time of 1 hour 54 minutes. Finally, the iPhone XS Max reaches this value in 2 hours and 3 minutes.

The new Galaxy has the most advanced technology on the market

These values ​​clearly show the advancement and technology that is present in these new smartphones. OnePlus 7 Pro was expected to be able to beat Samsung's new argument, which is not true. It's 20 long minutes that separate them.

This is just one of the many arguments Samsung has in its new smartphones. Note10 has shown that there is still plenty of room to move and evolve. This is just one of many fields where this new smartphone is expected to dominate and control the market.

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