Notebook and PC SSD options available on AliExpress

by Kelvin
Notebook and PC SSD options available on AliExpress

In recent years, conventional storage technologies for computers and notebooks have become increasingly obsolete, being gradually replaced by powerful SSDs. This device is already found on intermediate and advanced machines, bringing significant performance improvements and configuring as one of the best cost-benefits for the initial setup upgrade.

With the rise of the new hard disk, companies began to invest heavily in technology, and today it is possible to find models with different storage capacities and interfaces, aimed at both desktop and notebook computers. And on AliExpress, one of the most reliable international shopping sites, you have access to a large portfolio of SSD for notebook and PC from the most diverse companies, bringing special conditions for Brazilian users and specifications that meet all types of needs.

Unsure about purchasing an SSD or HD? Learn a little more about the new technology and discover some SSD suggestions for notebook and computer that you can find on AliExpress.


What is SSD?

The SSD (English Solid State Drive) is a storage device that has come to replace conventional hard drives. Available in storage capacities ranging from 60GB to 2TB, this component is responsible for considerably improving the performance of equipment, accelerating the speed of startup and many other processes, drastically reducing energy consumption and extending the life of the device , all with quick setup and instant execution.

Although their prices are higher compared to traditional hard drives, the investment results in a good cost-benefit for long-term users, as the ability to keep the device in good condition and reliability — since it has no parts furniture to break — make them basically immune to failures or errors that could compromise the performance of the equipment.

AliExpress SSD Suggestions

SSD Kingfast

SSD digital hard drive, 60GB up to 2TB capacity. With a slim 7mm design, it’s ideal for PCs and notebooks, whether for work, gaming or everyday use. This model is SATA 2 compatible.

With sizes available from 60GB to 2TB, the Kingfast SSD family stands out for ensuring reliability and durability compared to traditional hard drives, having formats for integration with desktop computers or notebooks. The devices are compatible with second and third generation SATA and significantly increase machine operating speed, improving system responsiveness and working silently during use.

SSD Jazer

Ideal for desktop or notebook, the Jazer SSD has storage capacities ranging from 120GB to 480GB. Increase your PC’s reading ability to work, play or study more easily.

Jazer’s SSDs can be found with storage from 120GB to 480GB and are spec for desktop computers only. The devices integrate the speed SATA III interface and guarantee high reading performance in all formats, consuming little energy, reducing the risk of failures and operating silently while the user uses the PC.

SSD Xraydisk

29% off

Shockproof, durable and extremely reliable SSD. It has read speed up to 550 mb/s and write speed up to 500 mb/s.

BRL 143.04

One of the most highly rated components on AliExpress, the SSD Xraydisk stands out for having storage options for all audiences, ranging from 60GB to 1TB. Combined with the high quality controller, the SSD for notebook, desktop and all in one operates with the same durability, reliability and speed on all machines. Its SATA III interface significantly reduces power consumption, controls machine temperature and speeds up all major processes, reducing waiting time to seconds.

SSD Kingspec

KingSpec’s SSD is a SATA 3 with different models that have capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB.

Compatible with the main computer brands on the market, including Apple, the SATA III notebook and computer SSD has slightly better sequential read efficiency than its competitors, boosting not only basic equipment activities and operations, but also tasks that demand more from components such as games and 4K editors. Drives are available with storage from 128GB to 1TB.

Lexar SSD

With high storage capacity, the Lexar SSD is a SATA 3 with a read speed of 520mb/s. It has models with capacities from 128GB to 1TB.

With a maximum read speed of 520 mb/s, Lexar SATA III SSDs come in high-performance interface models designed to create fluidity in multitasking processes and reduce machine energy consumption. By ensuring immediate response, stability and compatibility with desktop computers, the device expands the battery and the life of the equipment, whether in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB format.

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