Now Adobe Premiere AI can adapt videos to any screen size

by Kelvin

Adobe continues to demonstrate that, with the intervention of artificial intelligence in its video and photo editing applications, professional users can benefit from multiple features that improve their workflow. His latest proposal is called Auto Reframe, and allows Adobe Premier adapt a video to any screen size without neglecting the scenes of it.

Adobe Sensei identifies the highlights of the video so as not to skip them


To be more specific, it is a plugin that works thanks to Adobe Sensei, the AI ​​cloud platform and machine learning from the company of California. Of course, it is not necessary for users to have technical knowledge about artificial intelligence, as it will be enough to perform a simple configuration so that the software takes care of doing the rest.

The most interesting thing is that the system take care that the most prominent parts of the video are always in sight. For example, if the original video is in a 16: 9 aspect ratio and shows a person skiing, the system follows the movement of the skier to keep that part in the video adapted to 9:16. In the following material you can appreciate its operation in detail.

Adobe ensures that, if your tool does not deliver the expected results, it will also offer a series of manual controls so that the user makes the edition according to his need. This is undoubtedly an ideal tool, mainly for content creators who publish videos on multiple platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram. Mind you, Auto Reframe it will wait until the end of this year.

It is not the first time that Adobe Sensei arrives to enhance the company's apps. Last april, After effects received a tool powered by the aforementioned IA to delete video objects. Similarly, the selected object is tracked to remove it from all the frames, covering the empty space with pixels similar to those around it.