now available the 5 public betas

by Kelvin

After the launch of the sixth public betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS, now it is the turn of the public fifths. Apple It has launched a few minutes ago the updates for those public testers who wish to test the new operating systems. Below we detail news of these public betas, although you must know that their code is identical to the betas for developers that were released these days.

What's new in iOS 13 and iPadOS public beta 5

As we said before, the fifth public beta corresponds to the same code of the sixth betas for developers. Although we often install without being developers, the truth is that these betas are designed so that only they can install them and that is why these betas are released for the rest of the public that is unable to wait until September to try the New systems



If you have public beta 4 and decide to upgrade to 5 on your iPhone or iPad, you will find the following news:

  • The transparent background that the folders have on the Home screen has changed getting darker now.
  • You can now enable or disable the dark mode from the Control Center, something that did not happen on all devices in previous betas.
  • Now we can disable link preview when we use 3D Touch.
  • We do not know if it is a bug and will return in future updates, but It is no longer possible for Siri to announce the messages we receive while using an AirPods 2 or a Beats headset.
  • When we find a nearby Bluetooth device, a warning will be displayed so that we can allow or not access it.
  • When an app accesses our location in the background we will receive a warning.
  • The first time we enter the App Store or Photos we will see a new screen that welcomes us indicating the news of iOS 13 and iPadOS in these applications.
  • The privacy conditions and policies of the iPhone / iPad Analysis have added new paragraphs.
  • The conditions of Apple Pay They have also varied, being able to read the notice that our location will be used to identify those places where we make payments.
  • When we raise or lower the volume we will see that there are 16 possibilities of tone, while in the previous beta version we found 34.
  • The on-screen icons of LTE and 4G have returned to a normal size with respect to the larger size they had in previous betas.

How to install the new public betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS

If you already have a previous public beta of iOS 13 or iPadOS on your iPhone or iPad, the installation process of the fifth beta will be very simple. You just have to go to Settings> General> Software update and you will find the beta ready to download and install.

If you do not have a public beta yet and wish to install it, we recommend that you previously make a backup in iCloud. Once this is done you must follow the following steps:

  • From the device where you want to install the beta you must go to the Safari browser and access the public betas web of Apple. You can press here.
  • Click now on «Sing Up» and once you have logged in you must click on «Enroll Your Devices», which is in the upper right.


  • Choose now if you want to install a beta of iOS or iPadOS.


  • Swipe down to step 2, and press on «Download profile» to start downloading the profile that will allow you to install public betas.
  • Once the profile is downloaded you must install it from Settings> General> Profiles.


  • Once you have installed the profile and have device restarted you must go to Settings> General> Software update and you will have the beta ready to download.

You can leave your impressions and doubts about these fifth public betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS in the comment box.