Now can two people go to the supermarket together?

by Kelvin
Now can two people go to the supermarket together?

As soon as the coronavirus quarantine began, different restrictions were put in place in the social and economic fields. Many of them will be lifted during the de-escalation, although others will remain in force until they pass all the phases. How about going to the supermarket?

Since the coronavirus quarantine began, it is not possible to go to the supermarket or a grocery store in company, even if you are part of the same family or coexistence unit.


It was one of the first measures implemented by these establishments to avoid contagion and guarantee the safety of clients and workers. There is only one exception: a child can accompany his father or mother to make the purchase. Couples, family members or roommates cannot go together.

Now, with the de-escalation plan in place, 51% of the Spanish population is in phase 1. Visiting friends and family is already allowed, Go to the terrace of a bar or a restaurant and free movement through the province of residence.

Is it possible to get the coronavirus through food?

Despite many restrictions being lifted, the ban on 2 people going to the supermarket or grocery store together still stands. The aim is to prevent staples from returning to congestion, as happened at the beginning of the quarantine.

Further, in none of the phases of the deceleration is it conceived that this measure can be lifted. Therefore, until the “new normal” arrives, it will be impossible to go shopping with your partner, a family member or your roommate.

It must be remembered that the de-escalation plan will not come to an end, at the earliest, until June 22, as long as the provinces and autonomous communities manage to advance in the successive phases in the stipulated time. Therefore, the remaining 49% of the Spanish population that was unable to reach phase 1 on time may have to wait until the end of June or the beginning of July to reach this stage.

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