Now you can listen to Pandora on your blog Apple Watch without the need of…


It seems that today there is a lot of news about Apple relaxed with the “walled garden” approach as usual for third party applications. The newest one? Pandora now has an independent Apple Watch application, so it is no longer necessary to connect it to an iPhone. That is great news, because only Apple Previous music can do this, giving Pandora a great advantage over other music streaming services.

Spotify Apple Watch An app, for example, is a glorified remote control for the Spotify app running on your iPhone. Cellular is now activated Apple Watch Users can leave other iDevices at home and listen to their favorite podcasts, songs, playlists and more from their Pandora account.


If you are a basic Pandora user, you can play, pause, skip and brandish your favorite jam, and adjust the volume. If you have a Pandora Premium account, you can search and play specific artists and music, and Pandora Plus and Premium users can download music to listen offline.

Here is how to get it.

  • Open it App store for you Apple Watch
  • Touchez Search it the stem
  • Choose between Dictation or Scribble inscription
  • Say or write Pandora and play Done
  • Touchez get it to download the application
  • Double click the side button to confirm
  • Follow each of the instructions and enter your Pandora account

Enjoy streaming your music playlist while running without having to charge your heavy iPhone.

What do you think Happy to see the Pandora application independently Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below or send us our discussion Twitter or Facebook.

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