Nubia is tempting the incredibly 80 watt charging technology, the image claims …

by Kelvin

Nubia, of Red Magic fame, had just teased a photo of the phone that was charging Weibo. In it, the device claims to be able to recharge at a ridiculous speed of 80W. It's a pretty impressive number, and faster than anything we've seen or heard on the phone before, but it also raises some concerns. It claims to do this via USB PD, according to the image provided, but if so, it violates the Power Delivery specs to do it.

The basic specification of the USB power supply is quite penetrated by a layman (also over 600 pages long), but as far as we can tell it imposes a maximum of 5A for current regardless of voltage. The image above sets a lower and no upper limit for the power rating (there are many languages ​​"maybe" around the power limit), but even the cable rating in the PD specification is maximum at 5A.


The online Chinese translation USB_PD is approximately the same as "Charger Type: USB_PD".

The image published by Nubia states that it reached a load level of 80W 8, 4V and 9, 6A. That is quite a bit of power and more current than I have seen before. Generally, devices that achieve such high power through USB Power Transfer do so by increasing the voltage of both Y electric current, which peaks at 20V before the lean current is well above 3A, as you will see with most high-voltage laptops.

A USB-IF spokesperson confirmed to us that these figures, if implemented through Power Shipments, would violate the currently published specifications.

Beyond the possibility / impossibility of supporting Power Delivery, this 80W number is pretty crazy. In comparison, Oppo boasted vigorously of charging 65W in SuperVOOC 2.0 last year, and most PD-compatible phones were satisfied with a much lower number, generally spent around 15-27W, though some like it. Galaxy Note10 + claims they can press 45W through PPS. Honestly, 80W is an incredible amount of power to be received by a cell phone, and doing so means completing some pretty big technical hurdles.

Android Central claims that the 80W phone in the picture is probably the next Nubia Red Magic 5G, and with MWC on the horizon, hopefully we'll hear more about it soon.

A USB-IF spokesperson told us that our suspicions are correct and this specific number will, in fact, break the USB PD specification. Either the image provided by Nubia is incorrect in claiming that PD is being used, and this actually uses a proprietary system, or this PD-based implementation violates official specifications.

Either way, don't expect it to work with your normal USB compatible USB charger. We have updated our coverage with greater language certainty regarding these details after confirmation provided by USB-IF.

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