Nubia Red Magic 3S to be released in September with Snapdragon 855+

by Kelvin

But we also have a release date for the device. The Red Magic 3S will be announced in September 2019.

The gaming smartphone Red magic 3 gives Nubia It was announced just a couple of months ago in May. But an update to the line is already under development. According to Chinese sources, the next gaming flagship of Nubia will be called Red Magic 3S. This is in line with what Sudhanshu Ambhore had revealed in July. But we also have a release date for the device. O Red Magic 3S will be announced in September 2019.


red magic 3

It can also be said that the biggest update of the new model will be the Snapdragon 855+. THE Nubia had already confirmed would launch a smartphone Snapdragon 855+ in July. The company is said to be eyeing international markets with the Red Magic 3S. The phone will likely be sold alongside the recently announced Nubia Z20 which goes on sale internationally next month.

O Nubia Red Magic 3S It's another variant of the original Red Magic 3. The processor will probably be your biggest upgrade. In fact, it makes perfect sense why the brand would launch another variant of Red magic 3. Snapdragon 855+ upgraded the processor (2.96GHz vs. 2.84GHz clock speed on Snapdragon 855) and GPU (15% faster) while retaining most features of the original Snapdragon 855. This way the Nubia is looking to take advantage of the increased performance of the new gaming-centric processor in its new model. We don't have more details to share now, but we hope the new model will retain the best features of Red magic 3such as pressure-sensitive trigger buttons, 5000mAh battery and even an integrated cooling fan.

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