Nubia Red Magic 5G to play true 144Hz games: report

by Kelvin

If you ever thought that a high-frequency refresh screen was a mode, Nubia is here to make you consider it with the next gaming smartphone. The Red Magic 5G will display a crazy 144Hz screen.

Red Magic is the arm of the Nubia game that makes phones stand out with fully loaded specs, high refresh rate display and, of course, RGB. For the next cell phone, Red Magic 5G (jumps over 4 being considered unlucky in Chinese) will make everything go up, when the smartphone race for 2020 games begins.


Product Specification Nubia Red Magic 5G

As mentioned, the Red Magic 5G will be the first gaming smartphone with a 144Hz screen, which will exceed the limits set by Asus ROG Phone II. This will be an AMOLED panel with a fairly large footprint, flanked by two front-facing stereo speakers. Gamebench received a preproduction unit and described his experience as: "We have seen smartphones promising games> 100 fps before, but the new Nubia phone is the first time we have noticed that it really offers a stable 144 fps game in a real world scenario. "

This has been possible thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 865 chipset that powers the Red Magic 5G along with 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. It is rumored that there will also be a 16 GB variant of RAM. The Snapdragon X55 modem will enable 5G capabilities, giving the device a name. You will have active cooling with a real fan inside to improve ventilation and thermal performance.

The tests also confirm the existence of the battery. 5,000 mAh large. We expect the Red Magic 5G to have a faster charge than the fast charge of 18W 4+ predecessor. Direct images shared from this device also indicate that you will use the three camera settings on the back with the Sony IMX686 64MP on the front. The Game Space switch will be on the right side, with the left side probably holding two shoulder buttons to play the game. The paint job on the device is also different from everything we've seen on a smartphone before.

Nubia Red Magic 5G to play true 144Hz games: report 2

The Nubian Red Magic 5G is expected to launch in China around March.

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