Nuclear power plant employee steals electricity to mine bitcoin

by Kelvin
bitcoin nuclear

Bitcoin mining is expensive, requires a lot of computing power and, consequently, a lot of electricity consumption, so it is not something that should be done precisely at home.

That is what an employee of a nuclear power plant in Ukraine thought, who has been arrested and will be forced to pay for stolen electricity after establishing an illegal bitcoin mining operation at the station.


It was the internal security service of Ukraine who registered the facilities last month and discovered the computer equipment set up to undermine bitcoin. For more INRI, the details of the plant are considered secret, and some of them could have leaked when the computers were connected to the Internet, although the first investigations believe that it is not possible because the employee's equipment was not connected to the network of the central.

The computers were in one of the storage rooms, as indicated in Telegraph, rooms that are used to store spare parts for auxiliary equipment. The employee installed his own computer equipment for cryptocurrency mining there.

Not only will the mining employee face charges, some members of the National Guard who were intended to protect the site may also be found guilty.

It is not the first time something like this happens. Last year several Russian nuclear engineers were arrested after using a supercomputer at a nuclear site for Bitcoin mining, at a semiconductor plant in Kiev. They said the profits were being used to finance separatist movements.

Using the computers of the company where you work to mine bitcoins is not a good idea, and do it inside a nuclear power plant with secret information, let alone.

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