Nvidia GeForce Now will reach Android mobile devices

by Kelvin
Nvidia GeForce Now

We already warned that Nvidia It was very important ads, and the first one is that its cloud gaming platform, GeForce Now will arrive soon to Android mobile devices.

Additionally, the company also announced the start-up of the first RTX servers, that is, now users can also enjoy the highest visual quality with the RayTracing without buying an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphic, and even enjoy such technology on a smartphone.


Nvidia GeForce Now

The company indicated that these servers are currently being installed in its data centers North America and Europe, while in collaboration with Softbank and LG U + they are preparing for the launch of GeForce Now in Japan and South Korea.

Nvidia indicates that GeForce Now will arrive shortly in the form of free Beta to the most popular devices on the market, recommending the use of any Bluetooth gamepad to improve the gaming experience, so if you want to enjoy a long list of PC games on your smartphone, it is not a bad idea that you are already looking for a remote .

GeForce Now

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