NVIDIA GTC 2021: Watch Opening Keynote Live

by Kelvin
NVIDIA GTC 2021: Watch Opening Keynote Live

This Monday (12), begins the 2021 edition of NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), the long-awaited annual event of the graphics processor manufacturer in which it reveals some of its upcoming news. Brand CEO Jensen Huang will open the conference in a lecture broadcast live from his home.

Carried out over the internet due to restrictions caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, the NVIDIA GTC 2021 will have about 1,500 online sessions until next Friday (16), covering a wide range of themes and projects developed by the California-based company ( U.S).

According to the company, this year’s event will not only focus on games and new video cards. Subjects such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, health and the automotive market, among others in which technology can bring advances, will also be part of the discussions.


One of the highlights of the conference should be the Tegra chip with support for Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) that will be in the next version of Nintendo Switch, bringing improvements in the GPU and the CPU, in addition to allowing the transmission of 4K images on TVs. News regarding other products developed by NVIDIA is also awaited.

NVIDIA GTC 2021 Keynote: How to Watch Live

At the opening keynote address at NVIDIA GTC 2021, Huang will “share the company’s vision for the future of computing,” according to the company’s official blog, commenting on software, services, cloud and will also detail the company’s vision for the “Factory of Future”.

The keynote with Jenson Huang will be broadcast live from 12:30 pm (GMT) this Monday (12), which can be followed on the NVIDIA channel on YouTube and also through the link below:

This is the first event of the conference, which will also feature other live broadcasts, recorded presentations, podcasts, trainings, interactive sessions and much more, available free of charge to those interested in participating, from anywhere on the planet.

The full list of events, as well as participant names and other details are available on the GTC 2021 website.