Nvidia will bring GeForce Now service to smartphones Android

by Kelvin
Microsoft Xbox 360 Xbox One consola Nvidia GeForce Now smartphones Android

There is a new trend among today's technology giants, increasingly aware of the gaming and the gaming world, regardless of platforms. However, that was the premise that led Google to create Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and now Nvidia that will bring its GeForce New to smartphones Android

Ever dreamed of playing great games on your mobile devices? So get ready!


Microsoft Xbox 360 Xbox One Nvidia GeForce Now Console smartphones Android

Nvidia has in OMG your biggest rival. Incidentally, Microsoft's xCloud service uses servers where AMD graphics are the "graphics engine". In turn, the Google Stadia servers will also have the input and processing power provided by AMD. That said, the rival decided to take action.

Nvidia's GeForce Now service will reach smartphones Android

Against this background, Nvidia now made known would turn their attention to the smartphones. Something that will translate into the availability of GeForce Now in the top of Samsung and LG. However, for now the service is still in its testing phase, the beta where users can already register and join.

So over the next few months we will see GeForce Now coming to flagships of the technological ones. At a later stage, it will reach the other smartphones Android However, we no longer have a list of the elected devices whose specifications will support it. In other words there are no minimum requirements yet.

Nvidia will bring GeForce Now service to smartphones Android 2

Similarly, Nvidia has not answered crucial questions such as the possible price of the service. Or even its final date of availability to the general public. The company said, however, that its service will be free, at least during a first phase. Something that will help her captivate new audiences.

Nvidia joins Google and Microsoft

It is the third major company to declare its ambitions in the streaming of games. Incidentally, like the others, Nvidia also recommends that you use external accessories to get the most out of GeForce Now, be it a controller, or a mouse and keyboard. This so you can play more accurately and comfortably.

To get the most out of the game at smartphones Android and mobile devices we recommend using peripherals as a Bluetooth controller / controller. Be the SHIELD range, Razer Raiju Mobile, Steelseries, Stratus Duo, among others. NotePlease note that some Android games cannot be played without an external controller.

For Nvidia it will not have been difficult to bring GeForce Now to smartphones Android Incidentally, this same company would already be testing the concept on its Android tablet, the Nvidia Shield TV. In the future, it is expected that it will also take advantage of the new 5G network connection and new speed standards.

Let us now wait to see what the post beta implementation will be, or more specifically the final product. There are several details that are not yet known, the price plan being one of the most important. From there you can also finally define your strategy and market implementation against competitors.

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