Off-Planet premiere gameplay with RayTracing

by Kelvin
Watch Dogs: Legion

Without a doubt Nvidia has made a great effort for promoting RayTracing technology during Gamescom, and it is not surprising, since the CEO himself announced a few days ago that "buying at this point a graphic without RayTracing is crazy", a direct attack on AMD Radeon RX 5700 which now materializes with numerous new agreements with the industry and show the technology in all its splendor, which will become more popular in 2020, since both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett will integrate dedicated hardware To access this technology.

Watch Dogs: Legion


As usual in RayTracing games, it seems that now in all titles it rains or there are water leaks inside, since the puddles of water are being used to show what RayTracing is capable of doing, although at least the Watch Dogs show us the life of a city under the shelter of the night dressed with the luminous signs. A large number of shop windows could not be missing to add additional reflections.

In terms of performance, the Watch Dogs: Legion seems to be sensational despite telling us that it is an Alpha, While in the SYNCED: Off-Planet, despite being several steps below graphic level, makes clear that still has a lot of work around optimization of performance

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