Official Huawei Watch GT2: stylish, versatile and enduring for 229 euros

by Kelvin
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While the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro were the stars of Huawei's back-to-school conference, the Chinese giant also introduced other novelties. Among them, there is the Watch GT2, a sport-oriented connected watch.


The domination ofApple in the connected watch market is no longer to prove. Moreover, the supremacy of theApple Watch has discouraged many actors in the sector. Among the most resistant, we find Samsung and Huawei. The Chinese took advantage of the launch conference of its Mate 30 to unveil the Watch GT2, its new connected watch. Powered by Lite OS and available in two sizes (42 and 46 mm), it is distinguished by its elegance, its features and (especially) its endurance. With its two weeks of autonomy (46 mm), the Watch GT2 puts a slap to theApple Watch and its 18 hours of continuous use.

Elegant, versatile and enduring

With the GT2 Watch, Huawei wants to end the compromises. The design of the watch is therefore elegant: the round dial with fine finishes goes perfectly with the leather strap. The latter can be exchanged silicone bracelet supplied in the box) .. Truffle of sensors (GPS, heart rate, air pressure), the watch will also be suitable for sportsmen, as well in indoor (swimming, athletics, fitness) outside (climbing, trail, hiking).

To fuel it all, Huawei incorporates its latest chip Kirin A1, which also equips the headphones Freebuds 3, and 16 or 32 MB of RAM. The chip improves bluetooth connectivity: Huawei explains that you can let your smartphone recharge in your office and watch TV with your wristwatch without losing the signal. To check.

With 4GB of storage, the Watch GT2 can hold your favorite music. Bluetooth connectivity can even connect wireless headphones directly to the watch. No need for a smartphone nearby to listen to his music while playing sports, something to delight runners for example. Finally, note that the watch can play music directly from its speakers in its 46 mm version. The first returns are surprising: our colleagues in Android Authority speak of a quality comparable to a mid-range smartphone. The user can also answer calls directly on the watch, but in the absence of SIM, pairing with a smartphone is mandatory.

Huawei opts for an OLED display of 454 x 454 pixels for the 46 mm version. The 42 mm model inherits a screen of 390 x 390 pixels. In both cases the resolution is 326 pixels per inch.

Finally, the GT2 Watch shines with its endurance. The 46mm version (455 mAh) promises to hold two weeks. With its smaller battery (215 mAh), the model 42 mm, he should hold a full week.

Huawei Watch GT2: price and release date

Both versions of the Watch GT2 will be available from October 2019, with no specific date (for the moment). The 42 mm model will be marketed at a price of 229 euros while the 46 mm version will be slightly more expensive: 249 euros.