Officially revealed the cameras that Redmi will have Note 8

by Kelvin
Cámara cuádruple del Redmi Note 8

Since Xiaomi released Redmi to work as an independent company and not only as a series of its catalog, Redmi has taken an unprecedented popularity in the market, and it began with Redmi Note 7, which was launched in January this year as part of this manufacturer's debut in the global market. Since then, its expansion plans have focused on an offer of mid-range terminals with unbeatable value for money, and this is why its next generation of devices will be chosen, which will be made up of Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro.


In a recent development, which is what we are talking about next, The company confirmed what kind of sensors are the ones that will house the quadruple system of rear cameras, letting us understand everything we can expect from them.

According to what the company made known through a publication made in Weibo, the Redmi series Note 8 will house a 48 MP main camera sensor, although this turns out to be more confirmation than anything else. However, what was interesting to know was what are the jobs that each sensor will handle.

Redmi cameras Note 8

For starters, the 48 MP shot, of course, is the main lens, and this should not be said much: it will focus on offering the best photos at any time. This will be backed by a super wide-angle camera, a shallow depth of field and a super macro.

Officially revealed the cameras that Redmi will have Note 8 2

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It is already known which processor Redmi will use Note 8

Thus, we can forget about getting a ToF (Flight Time) sensor in any of the two models that will arrive on the market this August 29, which is the date already officially scheduled by the company in which it will carry out the presentation event of these highly anticipated mid-range smartphones.

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