Oi will launch a free digital account for low-income people

by Kelvin
Oi will launch a free digital account for low-income people

Like other mobile phone operators, Oi will also offer a free digital bank account to its customers. The novelty will be launched in partnership with fintech Conta Zap and will focus on low-income audiences, according to the Value Invests.

In the new digital account joint venture, Oi will enter its customer base, currently around 24 million prepaid users and 5 million postpaid users, to which the product will be offered. Fintech, which will have a majority stake in the business, will be responsible for the operation.

Oi’s new digital account should offer services such as bill payments, mobile top ups, bank transfers and products such as loans and consortia, with all the movement taking place via smartphone and integrated with WhatsApp.


According to the publication, whoever adheres to the novelty will not need to prove income or send documents, and will be able to open an account even with the name negated. There will also be no monthly transaction limit and the service is free of transfer fees.

Operator sale must not include the business

The partnership between the operator and fintech takes place in the midst of negotiations for the sale of Oi’s mobile telephony operation. But according to the vehicle, the possible deal will not include the financial services company created through this partnership.

Interested in acquiring Oi’s mobile unit, Claro and TIM have also announced similar partnerships, starting to provide banking services via cell phone. The first will offer bonuses on the mobile internet franchise for those who open an account at Banco PAN, while the second will give double internet and other benefits for customers who have an account at C6 Bank.

In the case of Oi, it was not informed when the service will be launched.