OkSiri, the tweak that allows Siri to activate as Google Glass

by Kelvin
OkSiri, the tweak that allows Siri to activate as Google Glass 1

Activate Siri on the iPhone with voice commands, as with Google Glass

For those who do not know, Google's famous smart glasses or smartglass, the Google Glass have a voice command to comfortably activate them, simply by saying "Ok, Glass!" These are activated, and now also comes to the iPhone to allow us to activate Siri. All this is possible to a new and free Tweak which is called OkSiri.

OkSiri, the tweak that allows Siri to activate as Google Glass 2

Making Siri work on the iPhone with a convenient voice command is possible

Can you imagine launching a command like “Ok, Google” or “Ok, Glass” and that Siri is activated without having to press the Home button for a long time? This is a solution that Google has introduced, simple and convenient, through voice recognition, for the activation of the device in question, which becomes decidedly a more “intelligent” and “user friendly” solution, regarding the employed by Apple on your devices Now we can allow Siri to always listen to us and let him activate with a simple OkSiri-style voice command, with a new free tweak which is available for download through the BigBoss repository.


This simple tweak allows us to configure any type of voice command to be able to launch the iPhone's voice assistant, Siri. By default, the tweak is configured with the "Ok Siri" command, in exactly the same style we would use to activate Google Glass or with other Google products.

OkSiri, video of the operation of this new Tweak for iOS devices

Below you can see a video that explains the configuration and simple operation of the Tweak «OkSiri» to activate Siri, on the iPhone, with a voice command.

OkSiri, a free Tweak, very easy to configure and use

With this Tweak, the user will have the ability to activate and deactivate its operation with a simple gesture through Activator. It is important to note that, once installed, the Tweak will not be activated automatically, so in order to activate it it will be necessary to access Settings> Activator, and here we choose an action to activate it. By default, the tweak is activated and deactivated when the device is connected or disconnected from the charger. In addition, the user can also choose which will be activated when the device recognizes the command, but in principle Siri will be activated.

OkSiri It is located in Cydia for free through the BigBoss repository. In order to install this tweak it will be necessary to have an iOS device (iPhone) with Jailbreak and it will be necessary to have an Internet connection to download the package. This tweak is compatible with iOS 7 and later.

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