Old games that can still be enjoyed in Windows 10

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The games Current offer a technical quality, especially with the graphics that a few years ago was virtually unthinkable. But this does not mean that some old titles can no longer be enjoyed on computers, even if they use the operating system Windows 10. We show some that are completely valid today.

We have chosen five titles that, for fun and for their good quality they are still fully valid and can be enjoyed without any problem on computers or laptops with Windows 10. And, by the way, there is an additional detail that is interesting: due to its low requirements, it is possible to use all developments in equipment that do not need to be very powerful and, therefore, offer a great compatibility. This is an excellent detail.

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The developments we have chosen can be get smoothly today, so they remain valid in what has to do with the market and, in addition, the purchase platforms are very current (such as Steam). The case is that by showing each of the old games that are compatible with Windows 10, sure that more than one skips a point of nostalgia because some time ago they enjoyed them or simply remember it with love.

The old games compatible with Windows 10 that we have chosen

These are the developments that we believe should be reviewed and that, today and despite being old, offer a excellent quality and it is worth enjoying because they allow you to spend very good times with them.


A classic among the classics that is still playing almost like the first day. Real-time strategy with many possibilities and in which the speed of action and precision are key. With great options, their maps are excellent and the troops are very well balanced. An example of what could be done years ago and that has been very difficult to overcome. By the way, Blizzard continues to improve its performance.

Starcraft game

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System Shock 2

In this case we talk about a development of survival and terror, that this has not been invented now with The Walking Dead. But in this case you have to go to space to answer a distress call from a drifting ship. Its soundtrack is simply spectacular, the best that has been made, and the scares are the order of the day. An excellent development that has no failures to run with Windows 10.

Game System Shock 2

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Baldur´s Gate II

Today, it can be considered as one of the best games of role of history, and this and much tell the truth. Each of the levels that make up this game is a work of art, by complex, but with a great script. In addition, the graphics accompany perfectly and allow you to enjoy an excellent gaming experience. Based on the universe of Dungeon & Dragons, character customization is one of its great attractions.

Baldur´s Gate II game

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First person, stealth… Something that is now common in many games but that premiered with great success this. With good graphics for its time, the soundtrack is spectacular. Complex, but addictive, it is an excellent title that has no problem being executed on computers that are not powerful. Many novels where the use of a remote control is not a bad idea at all.

Thief game

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Theme Hospital

This Bullfrog work was a turning point in what has to do with developments in what to do a management Proper is vital. The goal is to have the best possible hospital and, in this way, cure diseases that are the most extravagant. Fun, with many hours of play and graphics that everyone remembers as curious. It is an excellent starting point to know where the titles come from in which economic control and investment are essential. It has no problem with Windows 10.

Game Theme Hospital

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