Old mobile phone with Android: here it is in a video

by Kelvin
Old mobile phone with Android: here it is in a video

Old mobile phone with Android: here it is in a video 2

A video that is circulating on the net shows a mobile phone, those of the old type, when smartphones had not yet spread, on which a version of is installed Android which allows him to connect to the internet and use some smart features. It is a mobile phone Nokia on which, despite the presence of a small and non-touch screen like those of the past, the mobile operating system of Google, with his app.

Nokia mobile phone with Android

For now we know nothing more about the device, but that Nokia is, compared to other smartphone manufacturers, remained quite tied to what many people call a vintage sector of mobile telephony is known. Now the Finnish multinational could be ready to combine two aspects, the most nostalgic and the most innovative, to market a mobile phone with Android, instead of the usual KaiOS.


The operation of what appears to be the first prototype of such devices appeared on the Vimeo video streaming platform. The one shown is an extremely classic Nokia model, simple and linear, with physical keys. Innovation lies in the choice of software: the operating system is a complete version of Android. Since there is no touch display, navigation between the apps and menu items is via the central physical button.

In the video you can clearly see the icons of the Google services most used and known to all, such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube, but there is no lack of more advanced features based on Artificial Intelligence like theGoogle Assistant. You can guess the possibility of surfing under 4G network, as well as connected to WiFi.

Since there is still no official information from Nokia or Google, we are not aware of a possible launch date, nor the state of development of the device, but it is possible that Big G will provide some useful information during the event of the October 15th next, during which he will finally reveal the long-awaited Pixel 4.

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