On iOS 13 Fortnite and PUBG Mobile Unable to Play

by Kelvin
On iOS 13 Fortnite and PUBG Mobile Unable to Play

Applerecently published iOS 13 operating system PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Can not play. Players who have installed the iOS 13 update on their devices are Pubg Mobile and Fortnite they have problems playing.

Among the most popular mobile games in the world are Pubg Mobile and Fortniteis having trouble playing on iOS 13. Fortnite and Pubg Mobile on iOS 13 when players use their three fingers Appleare facing new features.

Players can't play games because of the "3-finger undo and redo" feature that comes with the iOS 13. Many players have complained to the game companies about the problem.


Players do not remain indifferent to complaints Pubg Mobile team made a statement about the problem. Pubg Mobile team said the following sentences: "IOS 13 with the '3 fingers to undo and redo gestures feature' is experiencing interruptions in the game. We know that the feature is a problem for players.

Problem Apple and we will continue to work with them to resolve the issue. We recommend that players who play with 3 or more fingers do not upgrade to iOS 13.0 until this issue is resolved. Thank you for your understanding."

It is estimated that the problem will be solved in a very short time. We will notify you if there are any developments.

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