On its 15th birthday, Gmail has an option to schedule emails

by Kelvin
Em seu aniversário de 15 anos, Gmail traz opção de agendar e-mails

The email service of Google Is doing 15 years today, day 1, and to celebrate, the Gmail is getting some really cool new features for users.

For starters, you will now be able to decide when your message will be delivered through email scheduling. When the user is finished writing an email, instead of just pushing the send button, they will also have the option to set a time for the message to be sent, with options like "tomorrow morning" or "Monday "


This is especially useful for people who work with colleagues in other time zones or who don't want to send emails at inappropriate times.

On its 15th birthday, Gmail has an option to schedule emails 3

Another novelty is the expansion of Smart compose – AI-based feature that helps you write fast emails. Gmail for Android will be the first mobile app to receive the update, but the handsets iOS will receive it later.

In addition, as we spoke a few months ago, Google has added support for four new languages ​​- Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Therefore, Smart Compose is not limited to English speaking users.

Google also says it has brought the ability to adapt to user's writing style to the appeal. As it says in the original publication:

"It will customize unique suggestions for each user: if you like to write“ Save ”instead of“ Hello ”, that's what it will show for you.”

In addition to this adaptation, the function will be able to analyze the email content and suggest a relevant subject to the message.

On its 15th birthday, Gmail has an option to schedule emails 4

Until then, some of the features that were made available were already possible through Gmail plugins, such as Boomerang. Now, Google has decided it is a good time to have these options natively.

In addition to these updates for Gmail's 15th anniversary, Google has made a number of other recent additions to Gmail, such as bringing customizable drag actions to Gmail on iOS and a more dynamic desktop interface where the user can respond to a comment on Google. Docs, search for hotels and stuff right on the Gmail page.

Via: Gizmodo Source: Google

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