One battery to charge them all: Lenovo’s bet for teleworking

by Kelvin
One battery to charge them all: Lenovo's bet for teleworking

Lenovo imagines solving all your telecommuting worries with just one battery. The new accessory from the Chinese manufacturer promises to power your computer, your phone or your wireless mouse to put an end to the little hassles of telecommuting. A good bet?

If the Covid-19 pandemic has had one advantage, it is that of having made teleworking much more common than it was before. A whole professional class has tasted the work from home, admittedly forced at the beginning, and after more than a year the habits have changed permanently. Lenovo knows it well and has just unveiled on May 13, 2021 a new range of accessories designed for this new paradigm.


A 65 watt external battery

Lenovo Go branded tools are designed for “”, just that. For the moment, the Chinese manufacturer has only announced a travel mouse and an external battery, but other gadgets should arrive. But in reality it is indeed the external battery that is at the heart of Lenovo’s strategy.

The Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank has enough juice to charge all the devices you need for telecommuting. With a maximum output power of 65 watts via its USB-C port, the accessory is indeed able to charge most computers without difficulty. As for the capacity of 20,000 mAh, it is sufficient for “” according to Lenovo.

For further

Wireless charging in addition

But the manufacturer did not stop there. The battery has an integrated USB-C cable, in addition to the two USB-C and USB-A ports available on the edge. Enough to charge up to three devices at the same time. And not to spoil anything, it is also able to charge your devices wirelessly (Qi standard) and can therefore serve as a very small mouse pad / charger for the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse, the travel mouse that Lenovo also announced.

In the idea, the battery of Lenovo could therefore be sufficient to recharge your computer, your mouse and your smartphone or your tablet simultaneously, putting away the worries of autonomy in teleworking in the closet. The promise is beautiful and it is made possible thanks to the versatility of USB-C which is today established as the true standard of universal charging.

The most determined teleworkers will be happy to know that the Lenovo mouse can also be paired with three devices simultaneously, if you are into multimachine. Otherwise you can always try to turn your tablet into a second screen.

The battery will be released in June 2021 at a price of 90 dollars (75 euros), unfortunately, no availability date for France has been announced.