One Button Travel App Review

by Kelvin
One Button Travel app review 1

You know, people from the future don't like people from the past, until they are captured and locked in a park. They are given clothes that are recycled every day, undergo continuous surveillance checks and are treated as garbage. And if you haven't spotted some of the black and gloomy social comments here, you may have to look stronger.


Rather than being like Lifeline, this story is played in real time. The dual purpose is to cancel your trip and help your new friend. For the most part, as is the case in apps like this, the story goes hand in hand regardless of your choice – it's just there for the ride. You get a message, every once in a while you tell your future friends what to do, and then you can wait hours for a reply, something that can make the gaming experience waver.

Aesthetically, One Button Travel is amazing, with a lively interface and a beautiful soundtrack. Unlike other titles in this fast-growing subgenre, you sometimes get photos, not just text. There is also an intrigue in the form of a separate 'trip cancel' screen: unclear keys with combinations to be solved.

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