One Million Dollar Reward for iPhone and Mac Hackers Apple

by Kelvin
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Apple has now expanded the "reward system" for hackers who are discovering vulnerabilities on the iPhone or Mac.

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If you're successful in hacking an iPhone or Mac, you could get up to $ 1 million. | (C) Apple


(C) Apple

Apple Hackers have been rewarding for quite some time, find the vulnerabilities on the iPhone and share with the group. A few weeks before the release of the iPhone 11 has Apple now increases the incentive to find vulnerabilities and also increased to other platforms such as the Mac. For example, if a hacker finds a vulnerability on the iPhone that allows them to remotely access the operating system kernel without user intervention, it will be rewarded with a million dollars. However, only if the hacker exclusive with this vulnerability Apple shares, so that you can take countermeasures immediately. Anyone who can successfully gain access to the device over the network will receive $ 500,000. For bypassing a lock screen, including access to the device still $ 100,000 are awarded. If these hacks are already found in a beta version, there will be another bonus of 50% each.

Anyone who wonders about such large sums should realize that on the one hand, government organizations sometimes pay a lot of money for such a hack, and on the other hand, some hackers for glory and honor publicly reveal critical vulnerabilities – both scenarios Apple wants to avoid as much as possible. Really effective and profound hacks are relatively rare according to the information, only one to two cases are said to be known each year. Assuming that so far more than 400 researchers specifically targeted for such vulnerabilities Apple have looked for at least one argument for the high security of the AppleEcosystem.

Source: forbes

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