One more reason not to buy the iPhone 11

by Kelvin
One more reason not to buy the iPhone 11



During the presentation event of the new iPhone, Apple wanted to show the world the capabilities of the new cameras of the iPhone 11. To do this, it showed a new version of Filmic Pro executed on the iPhone 11 Pro and that allows recording using several sensors at the same time. If that functionality left you speechless and has become one of the triggers to change your iPhone XS or iPhone XR, read on because this interests you …

Now we have known that multi-camera recordings will not only be available for iPhone 11, since both iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR may also have this feature. Remember that what is shown by Apple allows recording using the front and rear camera, and in the case of new devices Apple, toggle between ultra wide angle and standard cameras. This means that the 2018 iPhone will also feature a function that seemed reserved for new iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Not so exclusive

Apple I could have reserved this function as something exclusive to the new iPhone 11, and in this way, give some more reason to the owners of the old iPhone to make the leap to the new generation. In the case of multi-camera recording, this will not be the case, since the new APIs allow developers to play with the hardware of the iPhone XS and XR so that they have the same function as the iPhone 11.

iPhone XS multi-camera support

The iPhone 11 will be the first to be able to experience this function with third-party applications, including Filmic Pro itself, as the company has confirmed that update will arrive during the next months. It is logical to also think that the capabilities to exploit this function of the iPhone 11, are superior to those of the phones of the previous generation, if only for the number of sensors, but their availability in the iPhone XS and iPhone XR make the Differences between the previous generation and the new one are further reduced.

As can be seen in the compatibility matrix, the iPhone XS can record or take photos from the rear camera and the front camera together, or with the rear telephoto lens and front camera, in addition to the rear telephoto lens and the main rear sensor. Recording with the three cameras will not be possible, although we do not know for sure what recording combinations can be made on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. In the demo that Apple made during the presentation, the feeling that was transmitted is that the iPhone 11 Pro could record with all four cameras at the same time. The update will reach the iPhone of 2018 in an update of iOS 13 whose date is unknown for the moment.

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