One of the best Dialer for your Android! BRUTAL !!

by Kelvin
One of the best Dialer for your Android! BRUTAL !!

One of the essential applications for any Android smartphone and that can be defined as such that it is nothing other than a smartphone, is without doubt the application Dialer or telephone dialer with which we will control all aspects related to what would come to be the reception, departure and ultimately All call handling of our phone number.

These Dialers that are already integrated in the system in our Android devices, as a general rule and with few exceptions, are usually the simplest applications of our devices and the most forgotten or least evolved today. That is why today I want to recommend a spectacular Dialer for Android with which to perform all call management as our system Dialer would do, but more and more, adding very useful functions for the security and privacy of our smartphone and our phone number


The application I'm talking about is none other than Clever Dialer – spam caller ID, an app that we will be able to download for free from the Google Play Store, which is the official store of Android applications of a lifetime.

Download Clever Dialer – spam caller ID for free from the Google Play Store

In the video that I have left just at the beginning of this post I explain with great detail everything that the application offers us and everything you can do for the safety of our devices, so I strongly recommend that you take a look .

Still, then I leave a list with some of its main functionalities for which I think this application should be installed in all our smartphones Android:

Everything Clever Dialer offers us

One of the best Dialer for your Android! BRUTAL !!

  • Caller ID more practical and with great features.
  • Automatic identification of unknown phone numbers.
  • Identification in real time.
  • Automatically add the old call history.
  • Identify the person behind spam calls: Warns you of costly calls and also those that are annoying.
  • Identify spam calls without an internet connection (offline spam identification)
  • Block spam calls: simply add to your list of annoying calls to your block list (call blocker).
  • Tremendous database with which to check and check possible Spam numbers and fraudulent calls.
  • Totally free application.

It is true, as I commented in the attached video that I have left at the beginning of this article, that the application has ads integrated in the app, ads that are very well managed and that are not annoying at all and never go to jump out of using the application.

One of the best Dialer for your Android! BRUTAL !!

A tolerable price to pay for having such a good, functional and definitive application A great security tool for our Android Smartphones.

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