One-Punch Man: 10 trivia about Saitama that don’t make sense

by Kelvin
One-Punch Man: 10 trivia about Saitama that don't make sense

Image: (Madhouse/Reproduction)

One-Punch Man is one of the most popular and fun animes today. Much of this is due to the charisma of its protagonist, the superhero Saitama. However, it has several quirks that make it unique and also defy common sense.

Check out some of them.

Your Hero Association rank is Class B only


As strong as Saitama is, he still has to deal with all the bureaucracies surrounding his membership in the Heroes Guild. He starts in C-Class and, even though he tries hard, he still ranks below what he really deserves, S-Class.

How Saitama lost her hair

Our hero looks quite different from the superheroes seen in pop culture. Besides being thin, one of the characteristics that draws attention is the lack of hair. But, as he explains himself, the reason for his baldness is overtraining, which ended up dropping virtually all the hair on his body.

it can jump to the moon

Saitama’s superhuman strength is so great that it gives him the ability to make it to the Moon using just the power of a jump. It can also enter and exit the atmosphere unharmed, as well as being able to breathe—or spend a long time holding its breath—in space.

It is immune to extreme temperatures

One more skill acquired due to his intense training. According to Saitama himself, he is quite resistant to extreme temperatures — whether hot or cold — as he has never trained with an air conditioner or heater. As such, he withstands fire and freezing attacks from his enemies.

Your training

Speaking of training, maybe the anime’s biggest joke is the way Saitama got his powers: he only practiced 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats and 10 km running for 1 year and a half!

he has superhuman teeth

In a battle, Saitama was attacked by his enemy who used a sword to try to hit him. The hero defended himself using his teeth. He bit the sword of the villain Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and managed to break it.

Your problems with baldness

Despite her superpowers, Saitama is extremely annoyed by her lack of hair. Mainly by the name of the hero he received: Caped Baldy, something like “bald cape”. He prefers to just use Saitama himself.

He stole?

Saitama is an ordinary human when we talk about money. On one of his missions, he found gold at the Monster Guild Headquarters and didn’t think twice about taking for himself all the gold he found there. Besides, he was still quite angry when he lost his fortune. Is Saitama a new Robin Hood?

He can’t remember anyone’s names or faces

One of the social problems that hinder Saitama with the Heroes’ Association is his difficulty in remembering the names and even the faces of other characters, which ends up putting him in some embarrassing situations.

He doesn’t destroy things due to his strength

Saitama’s super strength ends up making him the main hero of Earth. He has saved humanity many times, but sometimes performing simple tasks can result in something broken or even pose risks to others. Saitama needed to develop the ability to perform tasks without hurting anyone.

One-Punch Man can be seen on the Netflix and Crunchyroll streams.