OneHandWizard 2 makes it easy to use a large iPhone with one hand


No one doubts that fact smartphones receiving a bigger screen due to popular demand, and while this may be considered a benefit from a media consumption standpoint, it also tends to be lacking through one-handed use.


Apple Try to make things on the phone with a big screen more accessible with just one hand through the original Accessibility feature called Accessibility, but using it can be tricky and tends to lack the necessary functionality. For those who demand more of their one-handed smartphone use, it's hard to go wrong with the so-called jailbreak setting OneHandWizard 2 by the iOS developer sharedRoutine.

As the name implies, this is the second iteration of the popular jailbreak tweak classic called OneHandWizard that we showed a few years ago. For those who don't realize, OneHandWizard 2 making it easier to get to all the elements of your iPhone's user interface that would normally be out of reach if you limited to using just one hand

As illustrated in the example screenshot above, OneHandWizard 2 reduces the interactive part of your screen to a comfortable and affordable sector ideal for the average thumb length. If you have a thumb that is longer or shorter than average, you can drag the angle of the interface to resize it as you like.

Run the OneHandWizard 2 interface as easy as using the original iOS accessibility gesture. This means sliding the launch bar on iPhone X and later, or pressing the start button three times on a device that still has a physical start button. Especially, The original scope function must be activated order for OneHandWizard 2 works fine. To close the interface, people only need to double Touchez outside the interactive interface.

On the OneHandWizard 2 interface side there are three buttons, including volume up, volume down, and a special menu button. When you touch the menu button, buttons appear for the following actions:

  • Take screenshot
  • Lock the device
  • Open the control center
  • Open the notification center

Here is a quick demo video for those who are interested in watching tuning actions:

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OneHandWizard 2 is not equipped with options to configure, which speaks to its ease of use. Those with smaller hands are struggling to tame the iPhone XS Max or oversized iPhone. 11 Your Pro Max might want to use the power of this setting to make it more friendly with one hand. Of course, the setting works with this smaller device, too.

OneHandWizard 2 available for $ 1,999 from the Packix repository through the package manager you choose, and this version only works with iOS 13 Jailbreak devices. Those who use something prior to iOS 13 should use the original setting instead.

Are you going to add a jailbroken iPhone with OneHandWizard 2? Discuss in the comments section.

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