OnePlus could be updated to Android 10 on the same day as Google Pixel

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OnePlus could be updated to Android 10 on the same day as Google Pixel

OnePlus could be updated to Android 10 on the same day as Google Pixel

Android updates have always been a problem for most users. We no longer refer only to the lack of long-term support, but also to the waiting processes when receiving updates. This could change, and OnePlus would be one of the first manufacturers to achieve it.

Android 10 could be the version that changes everything for OnePlus

For years, if we wanted to receive the latest version of Android on the same day of launch, the only viable option was to bet on a Google mobile. As it is the company that develops the operating system, For years it has been the one that kept the scoop in terms of updates.

While it is true that if we want to have Android updated betting on Google is a safe option, the truth is that this policy of scoop in terms of updates is not healthy for the mobile market, since the most fair thing would be to have more options than at the same level .

This could change with Android 10, and as we can read on Reddit, a user seems to have received information in the OnePlus support chat. Apparently, the company plans to deploy its update to Android 10 exactly the same day as Google. This date would be next September 3, as we learned a few days ago.


How likely is it to be true?

We tested Android 10 Q on the OnePlus 7 Pro: much more than a beta

Today, the information received in a company's support chat is information that we should take with tweezers. Unless the company affirms it publicly, it would be wise to consider this information as a rumor until it is revealed as official. But is it a rumor we can trust?

The truth is that there are signs to think that, in effect, this rumor could be true. The causes to think that this could be would be the following:

  • System updates are becoming more independent: What Google started with Project Treble they have perfected with Project Mainline, drastically facilitating the adaptation times of a new version of Android.
  • Google is improving its relationship with its partners on Android: Already with Android 9 Pie we were surprised by facilitating access to betas to various manufacturers. In Android 10 Google has continued with this commitment.
  • The Android Q beta on the OnePlus 7 Pro works particularly well: OnePlus has been a while since he deployed his public betas in the OnePlus 7 Pro. My partner Iván Linares has been able to test it and told us about his experience in this article.

Despite the good signs, until we have official confirmation (or the day comes and it really happens) we will not know if it is true or not. But of course, the more phones are updated to Android 10 the same day of release, the better.

For our part, we have contacted OnePlus to find out if we can have some kind of official statement. We will update the article as soon as we have an answer.

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