OnePlus will soon launch its first Smart TV in Spain

by Kelvin
oneplus tv

It is no secret to anyone that Smart TVs are in fashion. Major technology companies make great efforts to compete in this market that has become so important over the years. On this occasion, it has been revealed that OnePlus will soon launch its Smart TV in Spain.

The information came to light in the account of Twitter OnePlus Spain official. Thanks to that, we can tell you that the Chinese brand will launch a new Smart TV within the Spanish territory And we are sure it will be amazing. The brand has given us this information through Twitter although we do not know if your televisions will arrive soon to our country but everything indicates that yes.


OnePlus will launch its own Smart TV in Spain

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The video that OnePlus posted on Twitter show the logo that your first smart TV will have. It lasts for 17 seconds, but reveals every detail to fans of the brand. Due to the power offered by each of its mobiles, the launch of this OnePlus TV generates a lot of expectation in the Android universe.

We had already told you that OnePlus was going to launch 4 Smarts TV of different sizes. However, an image or some other official information about it had not been revealed. Now, with the arrival of this logo, it is inevitable to think that the launch of the OnePlus TV is just around the corner. Anyway, we will have to wait for some other official information from the company to know for sure.

In addition to OnePlus, it has also been revealed that brands such as Honor are working to launch their own Smart TV. As you probably noticed, smart TV launches are more frequent over time. Mobile brands need to continue growing and Smart TVs are in high demand.

And you, How do you think the new OnePlus TV is?

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