Online Shopping: Amazon turns off dash button

by Kelvin
Online-Shopping: Amazon schaltet Dash-Button ab

Image: Amazon

In March had Amazon discontinued the sale of the physical Dash button worldwide. Now follows the next step: Customers who have already bought the order button, this can no longer use from August 31 for reordering. Replacement virtual alternatives are available.

The end had already been announced, now the group is taking the step surprisingly quickly. At the beginning of the year it was said that the physical dash buttons should be supported as long as they are still in use.


Press virtual shopping instead of buttons

Now follows the change, the Amazon based on the continuous growth of virtual alternatives. So it is possible to get a virtual dash button over or the Amazon-App set up. So, if you want, you can continue to reorder products like detergents.

The change wants Amazon make the existing customer as simple as possible. As the corporation announces, a virtual Dash Button has already been created for users of physical devices. They should not have financial disadvantages. At the first order via the Dash Button they had already received a discount, so the button was loud Amazon was practically free. Also take over Amazon all costs for shipping and recycling of the device.

Amazon's lawsuit in Germany

Especially in Germany, the order buttons were controversial. Shortly after the market launch in 2016, consumer advocates had filed a lawsuit and thus had success. In January, the district court of Munich ruled Amazon violate German law with the Dash Button. When ordering with the button, customers would neither be sufficiently informed about the ordered goods, nor the price. There were also some clauses in the "Amazon Dash Replenishment Terms of Use "is considered ineligible.

Amazon had appealed against the judgment. So the process continues. However, it should relax with the current announcement.

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