(Opinion) Huawei Mate 30 releaseā€¦ After all, what happened!?!?

by Kelvin
Huawei Richard Yu

If you don't know, we at Leak.com we had the opportunity to go to the Huawei event in Munich to see firsthand the launch of the range of smartphones Kill 30. A mobile phone that has everything to dominate the market, but in fact has several question marks around it!

So even though I think the Mate 30 Pro is a superb hardware smartphone, and even think that you have a chance to make a good appearance in the market, despite all the limitationsā€¦ personally, I was really excited to see how the Chinese giant would respond to every attack! That is, deep down, to understand what would be Huawei's plan for an immediate future.

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Huawei missed an excellent opportunity to win customer / fan trust with the event on September 19, 2020

Huawei Richard Yu "width =" 1200 "height =" 900In my opinion, the vast majority of consumers still like and want to buy Huawei equipment. The problem is just all the questions that exist in Google application and service support.

It is therefore easy to conclude that everyone who had come to the event wanted a question and answer session as well as a candid and clear speech about what is going on. However, none of this has happenedā€¦

The presentation keynote happened as if everything was normal around the company. There was no mention of China's trade war with the United States, nor of the loss of business relationship with Google. Something that in my opinion was a mistake.

Of course, saying or explaining everything at a product presentation event can be weird or even hard to doā€¦ But I think it was essential for the many consumers who watched livestream to rest assured about the future of their mobile phones, or purchase intent on the new Mate 30 Pro, which I will stressā€¦ It has everything to beat at the hardware level!

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So I was waiting for a conversation on the part of the leaders, and concrete answers to the many questions that everyone has and wants to clarify.

There is a lot that should have been explained at the event!

I had the opportunity with another fellow journalist to sideload some applications by Google. In particular Google Play Services and Google Play Store. And as expected, everything was installed normally.

However, here is the first surpriseā€¦ It's that Huawei (in partnership with Avast) has a kind of mini virus scanner that will only run when the user tries to sideload a .APK file! That is, Huawei has set the stage for consumers to do whatever they want at home, with any and all applications, safely.

The idea is obviously to make the phone behave like any other Android. Leaving the light work of installing the software in the hands of users. You can see our video experience below:

It is true that after the Google Play Store not booted due to some missing files. After all, Mate 30 Pro is not certified by Google, so there are some hurdles to overcome. Nothing that great portal teams like XDA-Developers won't solve on the very day of release.

This to say what … Huawei should have said something about it!

Yes, Huawei has confirmed that it will be betting heavily and ugly on HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), with $ 1 billion ready to help develop a structure that, despite being in its infancy, already has quite a number of interesting applications.

(Opinion) Huawei Mate 30 releaseā€¦ After all, what happened!?!? 2

However, we have to say that we had a bittersweet taste in the mouthā€¦ We wanted to know more, much more! It was apparent that the whole event was a little done on the knee. What we were expecting. After all, nobody even knew if the Mate 30 would hit the market outside of China, so there might not even be a launch event.

By the way, in the demo zone where we had the opportunity to touch the presented devices. The number of smartphones It was extremely small, with dozens of journalists pushing to try to get their hands on a single unit. (I was even threatened by an Italian journalist because I was first ahah)

In short, I am well aware that if there is a company in the world that can get around this, it is Huawei. But I would like to understand how this lap will be made! Because very honestly, I doubt it is with Huawei Mobile Services.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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