Oppo announces the fastest loading in the world

by Kelvin
Super Vooc Oppo

Quickly charging the smartphone is one of our main concerns and fast charging is usually one of the good options when deciding on a phone or another. Well now Oppo It has surpassed everyone else. Oppo presents the fastest load in the world and the fastest in history, the 65V SuperVOOC 2.0.

Oppo's new fast charge, the 2.0 SuperVOOC, It would allow you to charge the phone 30% in just five minutes plugged into the charger of the brand. It would be much faster than that of any of its rivals and will debut next month in a new phone from the Oppo Reno range, the Oppo Reno Ace, as confirmed by the company itself. In just a few weeks this technology could be on sale.

Oppo announces the fastest loading in the world 2

OPPO has shown the new fast charge and ensures that a 4,000 mAH phone could be charged to the Complete in just 27 minutes. From 0% to 100% in less than half an hour thanks to the 65W of the SuperVOOC. In addition, the company has shown a video comparing its current fast charge, the VOOC 3.0, with the new fast charge. The result is spectacular, no doubt.

But in addition, Oppo has not only presented a super fast charge but will also bet on wireless fast charging. The company has presented the 30W VOOC wireless quick charge that will be able to charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 80 minutes and without wires, with a specialized charging base. It will be compatible with the Qi standard and will be compatible with 5W or 10W powers as well.

Vooc OppoVooc Oppo

Oppo has insisted on Safety measures of this technology: there will be a detection of foreign objects that will allow the load to stop automatically when it detects intrusion into the load. And the charging process will also be measured in real time to avoid overheating or to ensure efficiency during the process.

Very soon these two technologies will be part of the market and Oppo is still working on cutting-edge technology. Especially in charging technology. As collected from Movilzona, Opp has filed more than 1,700 patents worldwide since 2014 since filing its fast VOOC charge. We will continue to see the improvements and very soon we will have the mobile 100% charged in a couple of minutes. We will tell you all the details of Oppo Reno Ace in just a few days, when it is officially presented.

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