OPPO will launch its camera phone under the screen in 2020

by Kelvin

OPPO is one of the brands that have already patented a system by which the front camera of the phone is integrated under the screen. The Chinese brand Therefore, it proposes to launch a model that makes use of this system. There have been many comments about the use of this technology, especially since the company itself confirmed that image quality will be sacrificed in the photos.


Despite this, the company remains firm in its intention to launch this model. Although it seems that we will have to wait a little longer to know this OPPO phone officially. Since it wouldn't be until 2020 when it's going to launch officially.

Everything suggested that the brand was going to launch this phone in 2019. In fact, OPPO's initial plans were to launch this phone before the end of the year. But it seems that the situation has changed now, which means we have to wait longer to get to know this first model.

Oppo with camera under screen

It is not known very well what is the reason why we have to wait longer until this phone I reached the market. It will surely be that this technology is not ready or the expected results are not being obtained. Although from the company they have not told us anything at the moment in this regard.

In any case, there is interest in this model that OPPO plans to launch to the market. Since the Chinese brand seeks to leave us with an innovative device, with a different design at the same time. Although this technology is perhaps something complex and is not really ready yet to be launched.

Xiaomi is with OPPO another brand that works on such a phone. In your case we don't know anything about the launch of this model, so we hope to hear from you soon too. The two phones are likely to be released to stores in 2020 officially.

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