Organize the icons Apple Watch it will be possible from the iPhone

by Kelvin

Learn to place the icons of Apple Watch from the iPhone

Slowly smart watch's release date is approaching Apple, the Apple Watch, although there are still many doubts about the clock with which the Cupertino company wants to revolutionize the sector. A dropper begins to appear more and more information about the operation and general operation of the smartwatch, and in one of the most recent leaks we can see a video that shows how the screen icons can be rearranged directly from the iPhone.

Organize the icons Apple Watch it will be possible from the iPhone 3

Hamza Sood shows us how to organize the icons of the Apple Watch from the iPhone

For any user of Apple Watch the iPhone is a very important device, since its conception The smart watch has the function of complementing the use of the smartphone rather than being an independent gadget. The video that we will see later shows how the icons of the Apple Watch from the iPhone, something understandable since in the tiny screen of the clock we can hardly move the icons comfortably. The configuration application of Apple Watch It arrived in the most recent update to iOS 8.2, so apparently when the smart watch is on sale, iPhone users will already have everything they need to optimize and customize the watch's screen at ease.


We tell you how the buttons of the Apple Watch, Here.

The user Hamza Sood is a developer who is in charge of extracting all the secrets of Apple Watch directly from the iOS SDK. In this new video that leaked through Twitter We can see how you move the icons of the smart watch from the iPhone screen to place them according to your own tastes. The option does not differ almost anything with the procedures we currently do with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the only thing that changes is that the icons appear on the tiny screen of the Apple Watch And that's where we can use them.

What did not finish confirming from Apple it is if the configuration of the icons can be done manually from the clock. Maybe, but it will be more difficult to organize the applications from the smartwatch because the screen is very small and pinching an icon to take it out and move it will surely give more of a headache, especially for users with large fingers. On the other hand, from the iPhone the configuration is done quickly and easily.

Less and less to be able to try the Apple Watch, the smart watch with which Apple He wants to definitively revolutionize the sector and rise as the reference brand, while its competitors have not yet come around to make the smartwatch an attractive gadget.

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