Other ways to prevent Instagram Users to find you

by Kelvin

Little by little Instagram It is where everyone will talk to their friends. To make it easier for your friends to find you, you can add things to your account, like your phone number or Facebook Soon, everyone can find you with your information.

You can find it if your account is not personal, but if you want to complicate them try the following tips. By deleting certain information, even if that person has their phone number, they will not be able to find it on social media.


Delete your property Facebook Count of Instagram

To make it easier for you, Instagram allows you to log in with Facebook account It also makes it easier for others to Facebook to find you to remove Facebook account, Touchez the profile icon at the bottom right.

Touchez Settings and scroll down to "Privacy and security". Touchez "Linked Accounts" and you will see a series of accounts that you can connect to Instagram. Blue is the one that is connected. Touchez Facebook account, and at the bottom you will see a gray delete link button.

After unlinking Facebook account, it will no longer appear in "Follow". Facebook Friends list ".

Delete your phone number from Instagram

Before proceeding to delete your phone number from InstagramRemember that you cannot activate the two-factor authentication feature. You must also have a verified email address for this to work from then on. Instagram requires at least one verified way to contact you.

You can disable two-factor authentication by going to "Settings -> Privacy and security -> Two-factor authentication". Select the switch next to the Text message option.

Hidden number

To delete your phone number, touch the profile icon and select "Edit profile". Scroll down to Personal Information and your phone number will be second down.

Prevent your friends from finding you on similar accounts

The person trying to hide can easily find it by following an account similar to theirs. To disable this feature, open it Instagram in your desktop browser. You will not be able to disable this feature on your phone or tablet.

like a hiding place

After accessing Instagram On the web, click the profile icon and then the "Edit Profile" button. At the bottom, you'll see a box that you can uncheck that will prevent your account from showing similar results. Don't forget to click the blue Submit button.

Turn off your online status

hide online

If you want more privacy, turning off your online status is a step in the right direction. To hide your online status from others, open Settings as you did in the tips above and scroll down to Privacy and security. Touchez Activity Status and turn off the "Show Activity Status" button. If the button is blue, it means that it is on and if it is gray, it is off.


The only way no one can find you is if you delete your account. But since you might not want to do that, hiding is your best option. How do you hide Instagram? Let us know in the comments.

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