Overview of full-size 1More H1707 headphones: music lovers will be satisfied

by Kelvin
Overview of full-size 1More H1707 headphones: music lovers will be satisfied

Today we look at full-size half-open earphones from the manufacturer 1MORE – H1707.

As always, the headphones come in premium packaging, it looks stylish and presentable, the box lid on a magnet.



Pleased with the presence of a hard case and a bag for transportation. In addition, the headphones fold, so there should be no problems with carrying.

High-quality case with velcro pocket.

The instruction is multilingual, including in good English.

There is also an advertising booklet with other products from this manufacturer.


Model: H1707
Headphone Type: Half Open, Full Size
Speakers: dynamic (titanium mid-range, 40mm), ceramic tweeter, passive bass (low-frequency) radiator
Impedance: 32 ohms
Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 104 dB
Rated power: 50mW
Cable: removable, length 1.35m, wire made of enameled oxygen-free copper braided around Kevlar fiber
Ear Material: Leather

Headphones are available in two color variations:

The body is made of aluminum alloy, the assembly is excellent.

The ear pads and headband are made of leather, which is soft and pleasant to the touch. The ear pads are non-removable, at least I couldn’t remove them.

Headphones have 12 steps to adjust the size of the headband (3.5cm on each side). The adjustment step is distinct, a click is heard.

The wire is made of enameled oxygen-free copper braided around Kevlar fiber, its length is 1.35 m. Made with high quality and not at all prone to obfuscation. Each plug has a tight rubber seal to prevent wire fractures.

The headset and buttons for changing the volume / switching tracks are absent and at first it is unusual (after prolonged use of the headphones, where it is).

Headphones sit perfectly on the head, do not press and do not rub, for a long time listening to music does not cause any discomfort. The only moment is that in hot weather (from 25 ° C) the ears sweat.

Since the headphones are positioned as advanced universal (advanced thanks to three drivers and a well-thought-out design, and universal thanks to a resistance of 32 Ohms), they were tested on the following devices (the device’s history is arranged as they reveal the sound, where the first is the best, the last – worst):

  1. Asrock Z170 Extreme7 + motherboard with Creative E-MU 0204 sound card, where the advanced audio codec Realtek ALC1150 is responsible for the sound, with a signal-to-noise ratio of the digital-to-analog converter 115 dB (115dB SNR DAC), there is a TI NE5532 operational amplifier for headphones (support for headphones with 600 impedance 600 Ohm).
  2. Notebook Macbook Pro 15 "2017
  3. Samsung smartphone Galaxy S8 +
  4. Notebook MacBook Pro A1398
  5. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Smartphone
  6. Smartphone Just5 Freedom X1

The sound characteristics were similar on all devices, another thing is that on the first device they sounded very detailed, contrasting and rich, and on the last – it faded, with low "contrast".
Headphones very well emphasize the details and shades of the composition. The sound is voluminous, absorbing and atmospheric, the "presence effect" is perfectly felt.
The headphones lose all frequencies perfectly, the sound is clear, detailed and “lively”. There are no distortions, due to which all frequencies can be heard in all its beauty. It is worth noting that there is an emphasis on low frequencies, but it is an emphasis, not a distortion (low frequencies are deep and dynamic, you get natural pleasure from them and at the same time they do not dampen medium and high frequencies in any way).
Due to the fact that a dynamics is allocated for each frequency spectrum (two active and one passive), the sound is detailed and clear at all frequencies, that is, we can say that these headphones are universal and suitable for listening to any music.
N.B. while writing a review came across to the forumwhere these headphones are discussed. For some reason, some write that the sound did not impress them at all, and this once again proves that the description of the sound is a subjective matter. Fortunately, today you can listen to headphones offline, and buy online.

As befits a semi-open type headphone, they have good, but not perfect noise isolation.
At a volume level of 60% when playing music (rock – Catharsis, "Race for a Dream") you can hardly hear yourself, the noise of cars on a six-lane track is also almost inaudible, in any case it does not interfere and does not distract from listening to music. The same applies to the noise of people / street musicians / other noises on a busy street.
At a volume level of 75% -95%, the noise of an incoming metro train, the noise inside the train and the driver’s announcement is heard well, the music is muffled quite strongly.
In general, soundproofing is enough for walking around a busy city, but not enough for trips on the subway.

Personally, the volume level of 60% in these headphones is not enough for me, 70% is the most optimal. It was not necessary to put more than 75%.

Here's how the headphones look on your head:

Video review:


1MORE has sold quality on-ear headphones with high build quality and great sound. I will not argue that they are the best in their price range, but they are definitely worth the money, their price is not inflated, as is often the case when the sound quality is completely out of line with the price (a good example of this is the Monster Cable Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones) .

+ premium packaging;
+ excellent equipment;
+ high-quality assembly;
+ high-quality removable cable;
+ excellent sound thanks to three drivers and thoughtful design;
+ good insulation on the street (but not in the subway!);

– in hot weather, your ears sweat;
– lack of a headset.

Headphones can be purchased here:

I also want to note that now you can buy decent Bluetooth headphones from this manufacturer for only $ 59.99 (regular price $ 99.99):

A detailed description of these headphones.

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