Overview of the waterproof microSD memory card for Kingston High Endurance DVRs

by Kelvin
Overview of the waterproof microSD memory card for Kingston High Endurance DVRs

Hello. I got a memory card in my hands, which is positioned for use in DVRs and outdoor cameras when shooting video in FullHD. The manufacturer claims protection against water, which I will check along with speed characteristics.

You can find out the price of this memory card for the DVR and surveillance cameras



Performance: 95MB / s (read) and 30MB / s (write)

Dimensions: 11mm x 15mm x 1mm

Operating temperature: -25 ° C to 85 ° C

A memory card is supplied in a small blister. On the front side of the package are the technical specifications of the flash drive. The overall design of the packaging tells us about the purpose of the card: it is used in DVRs and surveillance cameras. The card itself is visible through a transparent plastic container. My review will have 32GB microsd.

The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty on the Kingston High Endurance memory card. On the back there is a sticker on which the marking and the country of origin of the flash drive are indicated.

On the front side of the microsd of a Kingston High Endurance memory card, technical information is indicated, and on the back side you can see only contact tracks.

Before immersing the memory card in water, I decided to check its speed characteristics. In a smartphone, an action camera, a tablet, a computer and a surveillance camera from Xiaomi, a flash drive was determined without problems. A user of 32GB has access to about 29GB.

We turn to testing speeds. The manufacturer claims 95MB / s read and 30MB / s write. Let's check. Card reader will be used from Orico and USB3.0 interface

As you can see from the tests, the read speed is slightly lower than the stated, and the write speed is slightly higher. The hero of the review was tested in the action camera Sjcam SJ8 Pro in a loop recording mode in 1080 resolution (working with a DVR) and shooting was carried out in 4K 60k / s, although the card is intended for use in FUllHD. There were no stops in the video series and some artifacts.

After all the tests, I decided to test the waterproofness of this memory card. The manufacturer claims compliance with the IPX7 standard and the ability of the card to spend up to 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 meter. Additionally, X-ray protection according to ISO7816-1 is declared, but I will not check this anymore. I didn’t have a purpose of sinking a memory card in the river, so I just lowered it into a glass of water for a while. After removing it from the water, Kingston High Endurance was wiped dry and inserted into the telephone. The 4K video recorded on it was played without any problems.

If we conclude, then we have a microsd card, which is intended for use in DVRs and surveillance cameras in FullHD resolution. In some places, the declared speeds deviate very slightly from those declared in both directions, but this is not critical. It’s hard for me to imagine scenarios when I need water protection on a memory card when used in a DVR, but as an option after an accident, the car fell into the river and you can get the video out without any problems. If you have any thoughts about this, then share in the comments on this review. Perhaps you are looking for a flash drive for shooting video in 4K and want it to also have water protection? Then get to know

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