Pac-Man is forty!

by Kelvin
Pac-Man is forty!

Say, we almost missed the info. Yet it was an exceptional anniversary that we celebrated today: the forty years of Pac-Man! Namco installed the first arcade machines for its Puck-Man in Japanese cafes on May 22, 1980. At the time, Apple only had one computer model in its catalog, theApple II and its variants Plus, Europlus and J-Plus.

For those interested in the history of video games, Le Monde devotes a great article to Toru Iwatani, the creator of the game, on his website. We discover the history of the creation of Pac-Man, at a time when all video games consisted of targeting, shooting, killing, breaking or shooting. Toru Iwatani had therefore imagined a nice character who devoured cookies, in a world of neon labyrinths, populated by colorful ghosts.

I designed Pac-Man with women in mind. At the end of the 1970s, when I started working on the project, the arcades were full of violent games, in which we had to kill aliens. They were bad places. I wanted to make them more lively places, which would also welcome women and couples – without the certainty of achieving it. – Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man, for Le Monde

Pac-Man immediately won a great success, while video games and arcade machines were still a story of enthusiasts, little publicized by the general public. Pac-Man is considered the first phenomenon of the electronic game industry, with its derivatives, comics, cartoons and stuffed animals.

Pac-Man is forty! 2

For the record, we will remember that Namco was a company already well known at the time of launching its Pac-Man, since since 1955, it manufactured rocking mechanical horses and rides for children, before becoming interested in the market of video game from 1974. She then developed games for the Nintendo, the Mega Drive, or the PlayStation. In 2005, Namco merged with Bandai.

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