Palm, the perfect device to not endanger your mobile this summer

by Kelvin
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Today we have mobile phones with larger and larger screens and glass designs that make them one of the most common worries of the summer. With higher and higher prices, we don't want our expensive smartphone to get damaged, get wet, sand it or, even worse, get lost. In order to avoid this, born PALM, the device of just 3 inches that allows you to replicate what you do on your mobile, without having to carry it on.


Palm reimagine the way you interact with the physical and digital world, without compromising on each other as it allows you to keep the digital connection available when you need it without needing to charge your smartphone at all times. Its main advantage is mobility because being such a small device we can use it in the gym, when riding a bike, on the beach, in the pool, store it in small bags, etc … extending the functions of your phone without having to carry it over.

palm card holder

Con a careful and elegant design, the little "phone" is already available on Vodafone, Movistar and Mediamakt, After starting TCL Communication its marketing process. It can be purchased in titanium color.

Small but bully

Its advantages are countless. With a size similar to that of a credit card, the smartphone can boast IP68 protection against dust and splashes, which makes it one of our best friends this summer. In addition the device has two cameras (12MP rear camera with flash + 8 MP front camera )so you don't miss your smartphone and it works with an Android system adapted to your 3.3-inch screen with full access to Google Play Store, Google Assistant and everything that the Google ecosystem provides.

palm in purse

Working with the device is a piece of cake thanks to its quick-action menus and the gesture system with which you could enable music playback, create events, respond to messages or get directions quickly. All this by means of its tactile control or using the voice.

palm operating system

In addition to which terminal inherits functions of the smartphones Premium market, Palm is characterized by its security and its simple unlocking while on the move. With facial recognition, you can unlock your device in an instant quickly and without problems.

Among its peculiarities, we can not fail to name Life Mode, focused on enjoying life instead of being aware of the device. Palm is designed to get people out of their technological life and Life mode help not to be disturbed in your moments of peace with calls or messages while the screen is off. These notifications will only be displayed when you turn on the screen again.

palm photographs

The perfect companion this vacation

And how can the mobile be used with our same phone number? Very simple, thanks to its compatibility with for example Vodafone OneNumber or Movistar MultiSIM service, Both services will allow you to talk and navigate on several devices without changing the SIM card between them, since you can use the same phone number on more than one SIM card.

palm with rope

With dimensions of 50.6 X 96.6 X 7.4mm and a weight of 62.5 grams, the tiny device has 800 mAh battery that offers a duration for the whole day through normal use and an autonomy waiting for more than 3 days, which makes it an indispensable complement on any trip.

Its retail price is 399 euros.

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