At this time of the afternoon and from early morning Pangea, which was the original continent of the five current continents, is in the Trends section of Twitter. As usual with this type of viral phenomena, the popularization of the continent has a humorous tone that stems from an innocent tweet from a user of the same social network.

First of all, what is Pangea?

As we just mentioned at the beginning of the article, Pangea is about supercontinent originating from the five current continents which gathered the entire surface of the planet's earth.

pangea what is


Original form of Pangea.

It emerged during the transition of the Paleozoic era and the Mesozoic era, and grouped a large part of what we know today as the five continents of the Earth: Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania (six if we count Antarctica).

Its form, although it is not possible to know it exactly, is obtained through the union of all land-formed regions, resulting in an image very similar to the one we can see in the article.

As for the evolution of the continent, what better way to refer to the @golorico tweet to know its evolution throughout history:

What about Pangea in Twitter?

The main reason for Pangea's viralization in Twitter It is due, once again, to the ignorance by a user of the social network of Pangea's existence.

As we can see in the original tweet, the user @SANGREXENEIZE of Twitter He has shown his astonishment by discovering that the forms of Africa and South America coincide perfectly, so that its coasts fit as if it were a puzzle.

As you could have imagined, the reason for this fact casual? It is due to the subsequent disintegration of Pangea during the transition of the Triassic and Jurassic periods, no less than 175 million years ago. The meaning of PangeaIn fact, it refers to the expression "All earth" or "All soil" (bread, which means everything and gea, which means soil or earth).

The jokes have not been slow to be noticed. Such is the case, that the word Pangea is at this time the first place in the Trends section of Twitter, with a whopping 16,000 tweets in the last hours and constantly growing.

Many others point out the ignorance of the user in question about one of the basic concepts of geology and geography, as well as the deficiencies of the current education system.

In any case, it is at least curious to see how these types of phenomena become viral by a neglect? of the protagonist of the tweet, although it would be convenient to delve into the reason for his ignorance.

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