Pangu and Saurik team up to polish the iOS 8 Jailbreak with Cydia

by Kelvin

The iOS 8 Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad will soon feature Cydia

The recent arrival of the Jailbreak of iOS 8 with Pangu has caused a stir, however the details about the situation and the progress on it have been a bit difficult to gather. Since the initial launch and the recent update of the tool to correct errors, all the news related in this regard have arrived relatively calmly.

Pangu and Saurik team up to polish the iOS 8 Jailbreak with Cydia 3

Saurik and Pangu work to improve the Jailbreak and add Cydia automatically

Last Saturday Pangu's team finally broke their silence, through the famous social network Twitter, with the intention of providing some news about the next update and the progress made towards the compatibility of this tool with Cydia. On this issue, the Chinese hacker team still has a lot of work to do until it can be said that the work is finished, however they continue with the progress.


As we know, this first version of the iOS 8 Jailbreak does not automatically install Cydia even though many users have managed to do it manually, now Pangu's team has recognized that there is still some work to do to ensure maximum compatibility. In addition, now this team has been added the work done by Saurik with Cydia updates, in addition, the team is also working hard to solve some problems with iMessages and Safari errors related to Jailbreak.

This brings us to the current situation of the Jailbreak, as indicated we could still wait some time to enjoy a version of Pangu with CydiaHowever, both parties (Saurik and Pangu Team) are undoubtedly working hard so that this arrives in the shortest possible time. Also, for Mac users this means that there is also no estimated date of departure of the Pangu tool for computers with OS X.

Pangu8 compatibility with Cydia and OS X is a matter of time

Obviously, seeing how the situation is so far there is always the question of whether it was time that the Pangu team had launched its tool to jailbreak iOS 8, Pangu 8, or if they should have waited some time to be able to launch a more stable version, which included Cydia and was compatible with both computers Windows as with Mac.

Now, we have to keep in mind that This tool to make the Jailbreak is of Chinese origin and most Chinese citizens do not use Cydia, it is possible that this is the probable reason why the launch of Pangu8 without compatibility with Cydia has not been and will not be one of the priorities of the Pangu team, and perhaps not its compatibility with OS X, as it has been for other teams of hackers, although this does not mean that they are working on it.

Of course there is no doubt that over time this Jailbreak tool for iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.x, Pangu8, will be compatible with Cydia and computers Windows and Mac. It's just a matter of patience.

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