Parallels 15 Improve PC game performance on Mac with DirectX 11

by Kelvin
Parallels 15 Improve PC game performance on Mac with DirectX 11

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Despite the success of Apple in recent decades, the Windows The software ecosystem is undoubtedly larger. That is especially true if you are a player. Many AAA titles have never been released on a Mac, and are often late. Parallels has just announced a new version of its Mac software that improves game performance, so you may not have to wait for a problematic Mac port.


Until the early 2000s, using a Mac meant locking yourself up Windows software ecosystem The PowerPC architecture of Apple guarantees that any emulation or virtualization is as slow as molasses. So Apple switched to Intel x86 architecture in 2006, and Parallels was ready a few months later Windows virtualization suite for OS X (as it was known at that time). Parallels allows you to run Windows MacOS applications coexist with Mac applications, and the new version v15 marks the first major update in several years.

In the latest version, Parallels Desktop 15 Additional DirectX 11 support in the Windows application and game. That's thanks for using Apple Metal, a low-overhead 3D graphics API is used in all Apple The platform. Parallels said the new version of the software can create 3D graphics 15 percent faster when they implement DX 11. Previous versions of Parallels were too slow for 3D games, but the promotional video (below) shows software running Overwatch pretty well. You may have to keep the graphics settings simple, but it is better than not playing at all.

Parallels 15 includes support for new Sidecar features that arrive at MacOS Catalina. With Sidecar, you can use the iPad as a secondary display on your Mac. Therefore, you can soon run Windows programs (even games) without problems on your iPad. You only need a Mac computer near you.

Parallels 15 Improve PC game performance on Mac with DirectX 11 2

Parallels also states that the new version is 80 percent faster when opening Microsoft Office applications, and this works with many non-game applications that rely on 3D rendering, such as Autodesk 3ds Max. There is also support for sharing files between Mac and Windows side in the application likes Windows Mail, Safari, Photos and other macOS applications.

The Parallels desktop is available as a single purchase for $ 99.99, but some features are locked behind Pro and Business subscriptions. That is $ 99 per year. If you have an earlier version of Parallels, you should buy a new version, but the price of the increase is a bit more reasonable at $ 49.99.

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