parental control, Family Mix lists and more

by Kelvin
Spotify actualiza el Plan Familiar: control parental, listas Family Mix y más

Spotify It shows the world as one of the most popular applications today. Many are the users that include the streaming music service as one of their secure apps when it comes to brand new mobile. And there are few companies that have more than 200 million active users, a success that Spotify bases on a constant renewal.

Yesterday we talked about a possible price increase that would reach some selected markets around the world. A news that, as usual, has not liked the different profiles. Therefore, Spotify has decided to announce some news that had already been expected for a long time in the Family Plan. Here we tell you all the details of an update that highlights the integration of the desired parental control and custom playlists that have surprised everyone Do not miss it!


Spotify renews the Family Plan with some highly anticipated functions

It should be noted that the Sportify Family Plan is created for groups of up to six people who can enjoy the premium service for 14.99 euros. Having said that, if you did not know it, it is quite profitable if you gather a good group that pays their debts every month, it is time to analyze the news that they have included since the service immediately.

First we look at the integration of a Parental control which was already being requested from users. From now on, the different profiles will be able to control the content on the other accounts of the plan. In this way, the little ones can only listen to the music allowed by their parents or relatives. The Family Mix or custom playlist It appears as another of the most prominent changes in this update. This is a shared list where each member of the plan can add their favorite songs and where all users will have access. We talk about a service that is able to analyze the music most listened to by users to end up collecting the topics in a common list.

parental control, Family Mix lists and more 2

Nor should we forget the introduction of Family Hub as the improvement of the configuration of said plan. From now on, it will be much easier to add or remove quota members and update everything related to the settings. It is important to note that all these developments have already reached Ireland and will gradually spread throughout the rest of the world.