Pay with the iPhone now with no hidden fees

by Kelvin
Pay with the iPhone now with no hidden fees

Free credit cards, suitable for the iPhone payment service Apple Pay, there are now some in the German market. However, you are usually forced to open a checking account and also accept hidden fees. The offer of a Hamburg bank is now over.

"Geniale Card": credit card for Apple Pay without hidden fees

The Hanseatic Bank was one of the first financial service providers in this country Apple Pay introduced. On offer: The so-called "GenialCard" * – a free Visa card, which can be easily added to Apple's Wallet app and thus with Apple Pay use. So far, the card was only conditionally free, because the usual for foreign payments Foreign currency fees then hid in the offer description. These will, however canceled immediately, Thus, the GenialCard of Hanseatic Bank is actually a free credit card from now on.


Account change not necessary

Important to know: Customers do not have to give up their own checking account – the Visacard of the Hanseatic Bank is simply used in addition, and the due credit card payments are quickly paid by direct debit. Additional advantages:

  • Cash can also be withdrawn worldwide free of charge without any fees.
  • Up to € 2,500 credit limit are possible – depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant.
  • Cashback program at 300 online shops and at a travel portal.
  • New customers receive the option of a three-month, interest-free repayment – only for the first three months.
  • Own iPhone app of the bank.

By the way, this is the credit card Apple Pay on the iPhone:

Thus, the GenialCard * is also recommended as an alternative to Apple Card. Apple's own credit card is not yet available in Germany and a market launch at the current time not yet foreseeable.

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