PC market is expected to grow in 2021, despite the chip crisis

by Kelvin
Mercado de pcs deve crescer em 2021, mesmo com a crise dos chips

According to the survey Worldwide Quaterly Computing Device Tracker, performed by International Data Corporation (IDC), the PC market is expected to grow by around 18.1% in 2021, totaling 357 million units sold by the end of the year, almost 1 million daily sales.

According to the report, the increase in demand for computers and notebooks was greatest among consumers in general, followed by the educational and commercial sector. Overall, the growth in PC sales was driven by the pandemic, after all many people had to buy or trade their devices to be able to work and study remotely. IDC’s survey includes only desktop, notebook, and workstation shipments. x86 servers and tablets were not considered in the survey.

In addition to projections that the PC market will grow in 2021, IDC expects the shortage of chips, which affects the industry as a whole, to start decreasing from Q3 of this year. But, even with the chip crisis more controlled, IDC believes that the balance in the laws of supply and demand will only happen from the next.


Ryan Reith, vice president of programs at IDC, points out that the PC market currently faces a shortage of lower-cost components and semiconductors such as audio codecs, panel driver ICs. notebook, sensors, and power management ICs (PMICs). Mario Morales, vice president of semiconductor program at IDC, explains that most of the components that are lacking in the market use “40 nanometer or older technologies” and manufacturers prioritize investing in cutting-edge technology, which justifies the shortage of parts.

IDC also forecasts a -2.9% drop in the PC market in 2022. Despite the downturn, the annual growth of the sector, in general, is expected to remain positive, given the accumulated annual growth rate of the last five years. (CAGR) remained at 3%. An increase in sales of PCS and components for the gaming segment is also expected in the coming years, which could help keep the market warm.

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